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Carsystem 2K VOC Acryl Filler 540 is a new, general purpose, 2K VOC acrylic filler.


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1 l = 23.16 €

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Product no.: 149.221

Carsystem Master Green Tape is a professional masking tape for all painting.


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CARSYSTEM 2K VOC Hardener 541 for 2K VOC Filler 540

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1 l = 21.06 €

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Product no.: 140.085

CARSYSTEM Fine Line Tape Blue is a temperature-resistant masking film for high-quality color and finest lines.


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CARSYSTEM Slim Tape is a performance masking tape for problematic materials such as rubber and plastic parts.

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CARSYSTEM WR Lifting Tape masking tape to protect rubber seals, as well as for covering front and rear headlights and turn signals.


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Carsystem Mixing Cup with Scale is a high quality disposable mixing cup for mixing clean of all paint materials.

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Product no.: 148.232

Carsystem 2K Carbo Clear is a carbon clearcoat with a high solids content for all painting done on carbon.

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1 l = 36.53 €

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