Lechler 2K UHS Clearcoat

Lechler 2K UHS Clearcoat

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Lechler UHS Megalack Clearcoat ML920 is a clearcoat for al 2-layer coatings. It is very efficient, easy to work with and has a very high solids content.

  • ultra high solid
  • very efficient
  • weather ressitant
  • mixing ratio 2:1 with hardener





Product Note Status Price
Lechler 2K UHS Hardener Lechler 2K UHS Hardener
12.50 *
1 l = 25.00 €
Lechler 2K Thinner Lechler 2K Thinner
15.95 *
LechSys 2K Thinner LechSys 2K Thinner
10.50 *
Lechler UHS Accelerator Lechler UHS Accelerator
23.35 *
Lechler Plastic Cleaner Lechler Plastic Cleaner
15.75 *
Lechler 2 Layer Basecoat undiluted Lechler 2 Layer Basecoat undiluted
22.00 *
1 l = 44.00 €

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