Lechler Hydrofan 2K Clearcoat

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Lechler Hydrofan 2K Clearcoat HF950 is a 2K waterbased clearcoat with low solvent emissions.The waterbased clearcoat is suitable for two-layer coatings especially for repair work and complete paint jobs. Hydrofan HF950 can be used on solvent-based (conventional) pre-painted surfaces.

  • low solvent content (VOC <420g / l)
  • easy processing
  • good vertical stability
  • very good gloss and appearance
  • very good weather resistance
  • easy to polish
  • mixing ratio is 2:1 with hardener HH960 + 15-20% water
  • content 1 liter




Pot life at 20 ° C: 1h. 30min.

Spray viscosity at 20 ° C: 17-19 "DIN 4

recommended thickness: 30-50μ

Number of gears: 1-2 regular

Theoretical Coverage: 1l mixture = 8.6 m² at 40μ

Air drying at 20 ° C:.. Dust 30min, workable 10-12hr, drying 4-6 days

Oven drying at 60 ° C 40min.

Infrared drying possible




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