Carsystem 2K VOC Acryl Filler

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1 l = 23.16 €

Carsystem 2K VOC Acryl Filler 540is a new, general purpose, 2K VOC filler. It can be processed easily on almost any surface. The high processing safety in combination with his good nature make him a top product. It covers variable from the small-, medium-and thick-film area when fillers.

The new VOC 2K 540 Filler Filler has your work under control. He is extremely filling properties and thus extremely economical due to its high solids content of up to 70% in ready to use condition. Due to its good stress you have little grinding effort and a low abrasive consumption. Whether wet or dry grinding, the VOC 2K Filler 540 is an optimal Lackieruntergrund. It has a high processing safety even in thicker layers and provides excellent corrosion protection.


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