Here you will find our wide range of clearcoats from companies like Max Meyer, Lechler or Berolit.

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Max Meyer 2K HS Clear Coat Maxi Clear 0200 for all high quality finishes. High solid and scratch resistant.


32.50 *

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Lechler UHS Megalack Clearcoat ML920 is a clearcoat for al 2-layer coatings.



25.00 *

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Product no.: HF950

Lechler Hydrofan 2K Clearcoat HF950 is a 2K waterbased clearcoat with low solvent emissions.

43.65 *

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Product no.: 148.232

Carsystem 2K Carbo Clear is a carbon clearcoat with a high solids content for all painting done on carbon.

54.80 *
1 l = 36.53 €

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Product no.: 1.360.0710

Max Meyer Matt Clear 0710 is a high quality 2K acrylic matt clearcoat.

63.65 *

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Product no.: 88021

Spectral Clearcoat Mat 535 incl. Hardener is a scratch resistant 2K Mat-Clearcoat.

42.75 *
1 l = 28.50 €

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ColorMatic 2K Hi-Speed Clearcoat is a high gloss, extremely scratch-resistant 2K clear coat.


15.80 *
100 ml = 7.90 €

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100 ml = 3.74 €

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